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Hair Transplant

Today, most surgeons have switched from the manual method to the electronic micromotors, the FUE method. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is a recently developed technique and the most advanced hair transplant method of this moment.

Medical Aesthetic

In plastic surgery, surgery is performed to restore the shape or function of a certain part of the body. This can be done because someone has a congenital abnormality or for example after an accident. Think of an operation of a cleft lip or if someone has burns ...

Laser Treatments

Non-surgical invasive or non-invasive laser applications covering various structures on the body, including reconstruction, shaping and other aesthetic procedures.


Welcome to NHC Istanbul

In our private clinic in Istanbul which is also our main location for hair transplant treatments, we offer our clients a customized treatment program. A privilege process that will exceed the expectations of our foreign customers so that they can return home with peace of mind and satisfaction with a positive experience.

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